"Robert Skimin has created a delightful new book series for children that is beautifully illustrated and written at a level which all ages will find engaging. Drawing on his broad historical knowledge, he brings history alive in ways that will attract even the most reluctant young reader. I was immersed in Danny's story from the very first page!"
--Carol A. Brey-Casiano, Immediate Past President, American Library Assn.

"In my 28 years of teaching at the elementary school and university levels, I haven't seen a better book concept for teaching kids history than 'Danny Drumm's Heroes.'"
--Frieda Granato, BS, MA, Canutillo, NM, School District

One retired teacher said, "I love these books, and even I learn from them!"  Another, A retired librarian, stated, "These are the most beautiful books I've ever seen."  Another retired teacher said her 8-year-old grandson read one of them eight or ten times!

Children's non-fiction literature can use a new boost.  There has long been a shortfall of accurate history presented in an interesting enough concept to capture kids' interest. Danny and Shadow do that with remarkable success. The writing hits a perfect tone, and the art is so beautifully descriptive, and yet fun, that kids love it!